Salesforce CRM Not Up to the Task? Here are some Salesforce Alternative Software

If you are operating a midsize or a large business, you probably use a CRM software solution; and you’ve probably heard about Salesforce. It is a popular CRM software that is widely used today, but naturally, it does not suit each and every business and many business owners are looking for Salesforce alternative; something that will, optimally, have a lower price, more customizable options and still get the job done.

Here are some of the most important Salesforce alternatives that you should check out.

1 bpm’online

For midsize to large businesses, there is no better solution than bpm’online CRM, a software designed to focus not only on the sales aspect but on customer service and marketing as well. It offers some of the most advanced features available on the CRM market right now, and, as we’ve mentioned, it incorporates software that is usually sold separately – Sales, Marketing, and Service.

It offers a 14-day trial for which it does not require any payment information and then it costs $25 per month per license. It focuses on leads, customers accounts, and contacts as well as possible opportunities and current orders. If you do not want a certain feature, you can simply hide it, allow you to unclutter your dashboard.

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Hubspot is a CRM platform that is completely free. It has a lot of features, that still may not be up to par with some of the paid options. Because of its simplicity, it might appeal to some users who do not want loads of different features and want something to just finish their job, without overcomplicating their workflow. It has all the basic features that will be suitable for small and mid-range businesses.

It can be used to organize your customers’ details as well as your communication – which is the most basic feature when it comes to CRMs. It can be connected to your Outlook or Gmail and so it covers email integration as well. Other features are automatic sales logs and customizable sales pipelines.


Zoho offers different solutions that range from project management tools to POS, but CRM is their first, and most focused on product. It starts at $15 per month, per user and it allows good third-party integration – a standard feature in 2018.

It is aimed at small businesses, which explains its price, and with a strong Google G Suite integration, it will suit you if you use those features. If has a user-friendly UI and different packages depending on what you need, so you will pay only what you use.

Compare all those to the Salesforce and find if any alternative suits you better. Test them out and make the switch if you feel like you’ve found your new CRM software. Good luck!