How to Download and Install Showbox

Many people have already heard about Showbox but many of them still don’t quite understand how to download and install this app. Let’s go over it step by step and cope with all pitfalls.
At first, you need to define which device you want to use with the app. Now it works with most of the platforms and operating systems meaning you can install it on any smartphone (Android or iOS), laptop or PC (Windows or Mac OS).
Showbox download will not take long as the file is not large. If you are an Android user, simply allow installing apps from third-party sources and run the file. You are done here because it is as simple as that.
However, if your device works on a different platform, you need to do something else before you install Showbox. Pick an Android emulator and install it on your gadget before doing anything else. It will come in handy for some other apps which were initially developed for Android-only users. When the emulator is functioning, you can start installing Showbox. Open it within the emulator and you’ll see that its main window now has an extra icon. This is where you can reach your newly-added app.
The app itself does not take much space but if you are planning on watching HD movies, you should free your RAM space beforehand. Just close the active apps or restart your smartphone and it will do it for you.
The app is simplified so much that you don’t need to any knowledge or skills to manage it. There is no need to share your e-mail address (and you won’t get millions of spam letters from here). You don’t even need to create login and password and then worry every time you forget them.
From this moment on, you have access to tons of free movies and serials in HD quality. Sort the movies, gather them into customized lists, share with others, stream now or download to enjoy later. You can do all of it totally free of charge.
Now you are holding all the action, comedy, drama and family movies in your hands. You’ll definitely choose something you like because Showbox has all possible genres and the options are gradually growing when the app is updated. So, keep it up-to-date and get the best experience of streaming free movies on your smartphone.