F.O.X. products in Nailmastershop

F.O.X. is one of the most popular brands for manicure among nail artists. It’s used throughout the world as Kodi professional, Gelliant and Tertio. All these brands can be found in Nailmastershop and today we’ll look at its product range, prices, shipping and everything else.

Product offering

As this article is related to F.O.X. mostly, let’s find out what is available on the website. The first category is rubber base. The price varies from $6.60 to $11.55 depending on the bottle size and there’re 7 variants of the base. The situation with rubber top is quite the same, perhaps there’re more types. Then, there’s gel polish by F.O.X. in two different sections “Pigment” and “French”. More info: Rubber top kodi professonal

The rest products are from other brands. For example, all special liquids are made by Kodi professional and the manicure tools are supplied by Staleks.

Shipping and guarantees

Nailmastershop offers worldwide shipping and it seems like you can make an order to any country. The price for small purchase is only $10 dollars. The delivery time varies, for example, it’ll take 12 days to send a purchase to Ireland.

This store is great because of its guarantees. First of all, you can return the order during 14 after receiving. Then, which is more interesting, they give a year warranty for all goods if you use it per the directions.

As you can see, Nailmastershop gives the customers a wide choice of products not only by F.O.X. but other brands too. The conditions for shipping and prices are great so everyone who is interested in nail design should open the website.